Association of California Cities – Orange County: 100% Connectivity – Insuring Good Cell Service in Your City

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The Association of California Cities – Orange County recently hosted a seminar for local officials to help them understand the need for a paradigm change in how wireless infrastructure is viewed.  These five video sessions are also available on DVD.  If you would like a copy of the DVD, please click here.

WARNING – These files are large (approximately 1 GB each).  You should download them to your local computer rather than trying to view them here.

Chapter One:  Wireless from 30,000 Feet – The Complexities, Myths, Facts and Importance of Countywide Wireless

Chapter Two:  The Technology of 100% Connectivity – What it Takes to Get a Signal

Chapter Three:  Clearing the Air – Addressing Public Perception and Analyzing the Trade-offs

Chapter Four:  Best Practices from Orange County Cities

Chapter Five:  Commonly Asked Questions