Regulatory Update

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Attention Calwa Members: If you attend any local city meetings, we are asking you to read the below script! As a thank you, Calwa will be offering public recognition both to the individuals who take the message out and to the company they work for.

Good evening [Mayor ___________ and members of the Council/Boardmembers].  My name is _____________________.  I work for ________________________________ and am a member of the California Wireless Association.

Our organization is a nonprofit professional association dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of wireless.  One of our primary purposes is to educate the public, as well as public officials, about the wireless industry and the critical role it plays in California. Beyond that purpose, we would especially like to highlight the relationship between effective wireless coverage and public safety, as this may be the most important function that wireless technology serves in the local community.

It is fairly well known that wireless plays a huge role in public safety, but these numbers still might be a surprise. Over 40% of all American homes now have only a wireless device as their phone, and over 70 % of all 911 calls come from wireless devices, many in situations where a lack of coverage would mean these calls for help would go unanswered. It is expected that this trend will only continue to grow.

While the wireless industry has spent the last few decades improving cell phone coverage through the building of infrastructure at the local and national level, big challenges remain. While wireless coverage is generally quite strong today, smart phones and tablets have exponentially increased the data demands on wireless networks. Recent estimates suggest that the public consumption of data will grow eight-fold by 2018. To meet this demand, carriers must continue to invest in, and build out, their infrastructure. Local governments must help in this effort to ensure that the devices we’ve all come to know and love continue to work.

To that end, Congress passed, and President Obama signed into law, legislation aimed at accelerating, and easing, the process for the wireless industry to meet the current and upcoming demand. Known by its shorthand of Section 6409, this law both encourages and mandates quicker local approvals of many wireless projects.

It is Calwa’s position that the goals of increased public safety, superior utility of wireless devices, and Section 6409 are best achieved by working together with local governments. We hope that city officials can recognized the need for better wireless service in all situations, and work with us to institute policies that achieve this end.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to improve the wireless infrastructure that serves the people in this community.

Thank you for your time.