Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of, and to promote the wireless industry, to educate the public and our political leaders on issues of importance to the wireless industry, to support the industry in the rapid deployment of wireless technology and services, to voice a unified industry message on wireless issues and emerging technology, and to cultivate and nurture working relationships with the industry and between the industry and the public and our political leaders.

Current Officers

President: Patti Ringo Email

Vice President: Lynn Whitcher Email

Treasurer: Richard Statler Email

Secretary: Mike Fitch Email

President Emeritus: Robert Jystad Email

Executive Director: Kari Willis Email

Board of Directors

Steve Bowen
Jon Dohm
Natasha Ernst
Mike Fitch
Annette Hellmich
Robert Jystad
Scott Longhurst
Sean Maddox
Patti Ringo
Richard Statler
Lisa White
Lynn Whitcher
Daneen Wilder