Fourth Circuit Upholds FCC’s Wireless Siting Order

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Today the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the FCC and rejected a challenge to the FCC’s Wireless Siting Order brought by a consortium of cities and counties and associations. Calwa has held several training sessions on the Siting Order which adopts new environmental exemptions for DAS and small cells and gives a detailed interpretation of Section 6409(a) of the Spectrum Act that includes a new 60-day shot clock.

See the decision here.

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California Legislature Enacts Bill to Streamline Installation of Wireless Facilities

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California Legislature Enacts Bill to Streamline Installation of Wireless Facilities

Assembly Bill 57, signed into law today by Governor Brown, will streamline applications for much needed cell sites in order to improve and upgrade existing wireless services such as 4G-LTE.

“The California Wireless Association (CalWA) applauds the new law as a critical tool to facilitate widespread construction of much needed wireless facilities throughout the state of California,” stated Robert Jystad, President of CalWA. “Existing gaps in coverage and demands on saturated networks make the expansion of wireless networks a critical next step both in the improvement of existing services and in the development of exciting new technologies such as driverless cars.”

The new law provides that an application for a new cell site or for a collocation on an existing site is deemed approved if the city or county fails to approve or disapprove the application within a given time period. The applicable time periods to the California law are specified in the FCC’s 2009 Shot Clock Order as 150 days for new site builds and 90 days for collocations. To use the deemed approved remedy, all required public notices regarding the application must have been provided by applicant, and the applicant must notify the city or county that the time period for review has passed.

With the passage of this new law, California joins other states across the country enacting laws to speed up the construction of wireless telecommunication facilities in response to the growing demand for wireless coverage. The federal government recently responded to the critical need for a reliable wireless communications network with new laws aimed at shortening approval time frames for network upgrades by enacting the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 (Spectrum Act), which was followed earlier this year by the FCC Wireless Siting Order of 2015.

Mr Jystad further stated: “As more and more people each year give up their land lines and rely solely on their wireless phones, the need for streamlined approval processes and common sense requirements for wireless network improvements are critical. CalWA will continue to be at the forefront advocating for and supporting legislative efforts that respond to the needs of our members, the wireless community, and the wireless consumer.”

The new law goes into effect on January 1, 2016.

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Regulatory Update

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Attention Calwa Members: If you attend any local city meetings, we are asking you to read the below script! As a thank you, Calwa will be offering public recognition both to the individuals who take the message out and to the company they work for.

Good evening [Mayor ___________ and members of the Council/Boardmembers].  My name is _____________________.  I work for ________________________________ and am a member of the California Wireless Association.

Our organization is a nonprofit professional association dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of wireless.  One of our primary purposes is to educate the public, as well as public officials, about the wireless industry and the critical role it plays in California. Beyond that purpose, we would especially like to highlight the relationship between effective wireless coverage and public safety, as this may be the most important function that wireless technology serves in the local community.

It is fairly well known that wireless plays a huge role in public safety, but these numbers still might be a surprise. Over 40% of all American homes now have only a wireless device as their phone, and over 70 % of all 911 calls come from wireless devices, many in situations where a lack of coverage would mean these calls for help would go unanswered. It is expected that this trend will only continue to grow.

While the wireless industry has spent the last few decades improving cell phone coverage through the building of infrastructure at the local and national level, big challenges remain. While wireless coverage is generally quite strong today, smart phones and tablets have exponentially increased the data demands on wireless networks. Recent estimates suggest that the public consumption of data will grow eight-fold by 2018. To meet this demand, carriers must continue to invest in, and build out, their infrastructure. Local governments must help in this effort to ensure that the devices we’ve all come to know and love continue to work.

To that end, Congress passed, and President Obama signed into law, legislation aimed at accelerating, and easing, the process for the wireless industry to meet the current and upcoming demand. Known by its shorthand of Section 6409, this law both encourages and mandates quicker local approvals of many wireless projects.

It is Calwa’s position that the goals of increased public safety, superior utility of wireless devices, and Section 6409 are best achieved by working together with local governments. We hope that city officials can recognized the need for better wireless service in all situations, and work with us to institute policies that achieve this end.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to improve the wireless infrastructure that serves the people in this community.

Thank you for your time.


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Newport Beach, CA – December 12, 2014 – The California Wireless Association (Calwa), the wireless trade association that brings a unified voice to the wireless industry in California, announced the recipients of the 2014 Golden State Wireless Awards.

The 2014 Awards acknowledge individuals, companies, and organizations for their efforts and commitment to the wireless industry for the state of California.

CALWA Award Recipients:

Golden Sponsor Award: Talley (
Golden Sponsor Award: Crown Castle (

Golden State Wireless Award: Joint Venture Silicon Valley (
Golden State Wireless Award: Association of California Cities and Counties – Orange County (

Member of the Year: Patti Ringo (Director, Davey Research Group)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lisa White (EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Wes-tec Inc.)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Julian Quattlebaum (Partner, Channel Law Group, LLP)

“Calwa is what it is today in large measure because of the contributions from Patti, Lisa and Julian,” says Robert Jystad, Calwa President. “Obviously as well all our sponsors provide us with the resources needed to plan big and pursue successful events and outcomes in so many key areas, but Talley and Crown Castle stand out for their consistent and long term commitment to the effort. We are especially pleased with our sister associations in California, ACCOC and Joint Venture Silicon Valley, who, on their own initiative, helped elevate the importance of wireless infrastructure when few thought it mattered.” Kari Willis, the Executive Director of Calwa, shares Robert’s sentiments as she says, “These recipients have donated their time and support to furthering the mission of Calwa and we are grateful for their commitment.”

About Calwa: The California Wireless Association (Calwa) is a nonprofit professional association that brings a unified voice to the wireless industry as we find ourselves facing the uniquely challenging marketing, operations and regulatory terrain of our state. In addition to providing general awareness of the wireless industry, educating consumers and public officials about the wireless industry and the critical role it plays in California, Calwa cultivates and fosters relationships among the members of the wireless industry and conducts fundraising for several charitable organizations. For additional information visit


Robert Jystad, President at 310-871-8189 or
Kari Willis, Executive Director at 714-504-1145 or


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