How Wireless Works

1. FCC Order-Opening and NEPA

2. FCC’s Interpretation of 6409-P1

3. FCC’s Interpretation of 6409-P2

4. FCC Interpretation of 6409-P3

5. FCC Infrastructure Order-P5

“President Robert Jystad’s interview by Lacy Kelly on Cox OC Connection”


“You Can’t Have One Without the Other”

presented by Calwa



“100% Connectivity – Insuring Good Cell Service in Your City”

presented by the Association of California Cities – Orange County
These videos can be downloaded here.
Chapter 1 – Wireless from 30,000 Feet – The Complexities, Myths, Facts and Importance of Countywide Wireless

Chapter 2 – The Technology of 100% Connectivity – What it Takes to Get a Signal

Chapter 3 – Clearing the Air – Addressing Public Perception and Analyzing the Trade-offs

Chapter 4 – Best Practices from Orange County Cities

Chapter 5 – Commonly Asked Questions

“Announcing the National Broadband Plan”

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski


FCC Collocation Workshop

May 1, 2012

Collocation Workshop


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