The California Wireless Association (Calwa) is a nonprofit professional association that brings a unified voice to the wireless industry as we find ourselves facing the uniquely challenging marketing, operations and regulatory terrain of our state.

In addition to providing general awareness of the wireless industry, educating consumers and public officials about the wireless industry and the critical role it plays in California, Calwa cultivates and fosters relationships among the members of the wireless industry and conducts fundraising for several charitable organizations. There are many opportunities to assist us in this effort.

Wireless West Conference 2017


Calendar of 2017 Events



January 12th Safety Event
February 9th Networking Event (SoCal)
March 16th Education Event (NorCal)
March Webinar TBD
April 19th – 20th Wireless West Conference
May 18th Networking Event (SoCal)
June Webinar TBD
June 5th Golf and Networking Event at Silverado (NorCal)
August 30th Networking Event (SoCal)
August Webinar TBD
September 21st Golf Tournament (TBD)
October Networking Event (NorCal)
November Webinar TBD
December 8th Holiday Event / 10 year Anniversary Party