Sean Maddox Email
John DeHart Email

Monitor, shape, and impact regulatory and legislative issues on a local, regional, and state level

Organize discussions with planning, zoning, and other governmental officials

Organize grassroots efforts to shape public opinions

Provide updates on wireless regulation and legislation for publication on the website

Regular telephone conference meetings are held twice each month. Each meeting is one (1) hour in length.


Jonathan Sandoval Email
Daniel Shaughnessy Email

Educate members and public officials regarding issues of importance to the industry

Plan and produce educational sessions and workshops


Annette Hellmich Email

Acquire Annual and Event Sponsorships for Calwa

Northern California Events

Nikki Tam-Herrmann Email

Plan Informational and Networking Events in Northern California


Kari Willis Email

Business Development

Mike Fitch Email
Steve Bowen Email